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Your dinner includes Japanese onion soup, salad with our special Japanese dressing, 1 shrimp sample, fried rice, and oriental vegetables. All complimented by our own seasoning and exotic spices. Each meal is prepared for you at your Teppanyaki table in the finest Japanese tradition by your chef.

$13.99 H01. Vegetable Delight

Mixed vegetables and tofu

$16.99 H02. Chicken

$19.99 H03. Salmon

$20.99 H04. New York Steak

$24.99 H05. Filet Mignon

$20.99 H06. Shrimp

Most popular for seafood lovers

$20.99 H07. Scallop

$15.99 H08. Calamari

$29.99 H09. Lobster Tail

2 Lobster tails, 6oz. each

$20.99 H10. Mahi-mahi or Red snapper

Combination Dinner

$20.99 H11. Chicken and Shrimp

$20.99 H12. Chicken and Salmon

$20.99 H13. Chicken and Scallop

$19.99 H14. Chicken and Calamari

$21.99 H15. Chicken and NY Steak

$26.99 H16. Chicken and Lobster Tail

$22.99 H17. New York Steak and Shrimp

$22.99 H18. New York Steak and Salmon

$21.99 H19. New York Steak and Calamari

$28.99 H20. New York Steak and Lobster Tail

$22.99 H21. New York Steak and Scallop

$24.99 H22. Filet and Shrimp

$24.99 H23. Filet and Scallop

$24.99 H24. Filet and Salmon

$23.99 H25. Filet and Calamari

$24.99 H26. Filet and Red snapper or Mahi-mahi

$30.99 H27. Filet and Lobster Tail

$23.99 H28. Filet and Chicken

Special Entrees

$28.99 H29. Kyoto Special

Filet mignon, shrimp & chicken

$31.99 H30. Sea of Japan

Shrimp, scallop & lobster tail

$55.99 H31. Yoshimoto Special for 2

Filet mignon, shrimp, scallop, 1 spring roll, and 1 Yakitori

Hibachi Children's Menu

Under 10 years old. The children's meal includes house salad, vegetable and fried rice.

$9.99 H32. Chicken

$10.99 H33. Shrimp

$10.99 H34. Steak

$11.99 H35. Filet Mignon

Hibachi Side Orders

$8.99 H36. Shrimp

$8.99 H37. Scallop

$3.99 H38. Vegetable

$13.99 H39. Lobster Tail

$7.99 H40. Chicken

$10.99 H41. Filet Mignon

$7.99 H42. Calamari

$8.99 H43. Steak